Poker Online Indonesia


The key to becoming a better online poker player is making small changes to your game today that will yield huge dividends down the road. Each time that you make an effort to improve your play, you will start to see your bankroll grow on a regular basis. Here are a couple things that you can do today that will have the biggest positive impact to your online play.

Learning to Bluff Better
The only way that you are going to win more money this month playing poker online indonesia is being able to bluff for big pots when the time is right. To do this perfectly, you need to get in some hands with the only purpose of bluffing for the pot. If you can get to the flop or turn cheaply, wait until the board has a favorable play for a hand that you think your opponent does not have. If the board pairs, a flush draw is present, or even an ace hits, as long as the board is checked to you, go for it with a huge raise. When you represent that hand and have the board backing you, it is easier for the other players to simply fold.

Tighten Up Your Tells
Stop telling the table all about your hands if you want to win more money each round. The first thing you can do is stop talking through the online chat box about hands you folded or cards you haven't been getting. Turn off the chat and focus on your play rather that being so social. Next, stop flashing your hole cards after each hand because you again are giving away information about your hand for free that will come back to bite you in the end when those irritated players come after you.